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At the age of 23, Filip Koludrovic has been standing out among many fashion photographers that are following this path for much longer. Born and raised in Croatia, Filip - and his good eye for details - has the capability to deliver in his images a dramatic feel, a history told through each picture and of course, art. His work has drawn the attention of big publications, as you can see Filip’s stunning images on the pages of Vogue, Esquire, Wonderland, L’Officiel. The list goes on. Get to know a bit more about his history and his work in the second issue of “Raw Questions”.

Where you from and where do you live these days? 
I was born in Croatia, and it's still my base, I mostly live in a suitcase with a more nomadic style of life, always exploring new cities and cultures.


Do you think photographers living in big cities (NY and London) have more chances to step up in their careers?Maybe 10 years ago, I think today with the ever-growing Internet and social media you can be from the smallest cities and still have your work seen and appreciated. I come from two thousand people place, and somehow, I managed to work as a fashion photographer for the last 3 years.

What are the perks of being a photographer? It's a free life. You are not tied to one place, all you need is your camera and a laptop and you are good to go. If you do it because you love it, I don't think there is a lot of nicer feelings in life, you always get to improve, search for inspiration and tell stories.

Is there any person in the fashion world or celeb you would die to work? Why?From fashion world, I would love to shoot Filip Hrivnak and from females maybe someone like Mariacarla Boscono, and when it comes to celebrities, I would love to work with some of the artists that shaped art in general like Marina Abramović.

You're only 23 and already ran through a path many photographers with more age didn't. Is there any secret? I was just doing what I thought was right all the time, I didn't really care a lot how much that is. Sometimes I would shoot 7 editorials in 5 days and then I would not shoot for 2 months, so there is no precise secret, just finding your own voice and not using Instagram for inspiration.

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“There is no precise secret, just finding your own voice and not using Instagram for inspiration.”

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Since the foundation of the leading fashion magazines (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar), 140 years have passed. Over the last ten, we had a boom on the Internet regarding the amount of content. How to create something new? Is there any space for being creative even when it seems everything has already done? Yeah, for me it's a sad fact. The print will never die, it's something material that you touch and your connection to it is a lot more valuable. Last 2 or 3 years were terrible, personally, I would completely remove online editorials and similar things but I know it's just gonna grow more and more. Online is much cheaper, it doesn't need any paper and it doesn't pile up in your apartment, but still… It's always possible to create something new, you just have to pick your sources very well, nothing new is happening because everyone uses social media all the time and you are being subconsciously visually influenced with things and you start to use them in your work as well. That's why the key, for me personally, is getting inspiration from books, movies, and real-life situations.

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How to become a fashion cover photographer? Well, the key is always on photography or on the people in front of your camera, so work your way up, just work work work work, and it will come.

Does the gear influence itself on what you do?
Not at all.

I was checking in your feed on Instagram and noticed you're always well dressed, bursting style! What are your references?I have to be comfy, and I started caring more about materials and where I am buying my clothes, trying to avoid big producers like Zara and H&M because most of the clothes are done massively and it doesn't really have a "soul" or a story behind it.

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“Your identity comes by itself, if you have to think about it then it doesn't make a lot of sense” 

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How the process of creation works in an editorial and what's needed to put the photographer's identity on it? For me personally, I will see something, like a situation, or a moment through the car, or some movie or a music video, and it will build up in my head, then I write it down, sketch it a bit and start making it real, producer, casting, styling, hair and makeup and location/studio. Another way of approach is when I am given a theme and I will brainstorm it for a few days until I have a full Story in my head, then I do the same process I wrote before. Your identity comes by itself, if you have to think about it then it doesn't make a lot of sense, do what comes naturally or shoot it how you see it, there is no wrong or right and never compare to other artists.

Filip Koludrovic
Website: www.filipkoludrovic.com
Instagram: @filipkoludrovic


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